The Lower Plenty Pony Club (LPPC) is part of the Northern Metropolitan Zone of Pony Club Victoria (PCV). It is an incorporated organisation under the Association Incorporation Act 1981.

As such it is required to meet certain standards regarding membership, fees, management and voting rights.

LPPC is a pony club with a difference.

Firstly, unlike most pony clubs, LPPC is able to agist members’ horses on the premises. This allows members the convenience of accessing facilities and equipment, and attending Rallies, at the same location where their horse resides. Horses are agisted in either mob paddock or in “mini mob” paddocks (for horses with special needs). Note: There are no private agistment paddocks available at the Club.

Secondly, our focus is on the safety of riders and the care and wellbeing of the horses located at the Club and in our charge. The premises are attended from Monday to Friday by paid staff who do daily checks of the horses and paddock fencing, feed horses as required and maintain the grounds and facilities. On weekends a roster of members operates to ensure that horses and fences are checked and to undertake minor maintenance tasks.

Thirdly, we are committed to developing a strong not-for-profit community of volunteers who share the bonds of a common love of horses and horsemanship as well as an effectively operating recreational Club with well -maintained grounds and facilities. The LPPC Committee of Management oversees the management and operation of the Club. It is elected each year with position holders taking on a two year assignment. Membership of the Committee is voluntary.